Sensational Creatures & Creations is used to doing things in a big way as they transform your ideas, from page to build to 3D sculptural replicas, bringing them into stunning reality. Sensational Creatures & Creations employs the best hand sculptors, maquette builders, sewers and painters in the entertainment industry. The immense wealth and knowledge of experience ensures that we are consistently recognized as an industry leader. Our one stop shopping concept reduces the need to seek out further value-added services and provides the option of having us partially or fully complete your project.

Working with Michael is like entering a child-like wonderland of imagination! His youthful spirit and professional attitude it won’t be long before the his catchphrase, “if you can imagine it we can build it” makes a whole pile of sense. With over 15-years of professional sculpting experience Michael Carr, Creative Design Lead, Sculptor, and Project Manager, helps you to conceive designs which are then built into custom-fabricated props, puppets, mascots, large scale sculptures, small scale models, miniatures, and displays for your theme parks, motion picture film, television program, Corporate special event, retail stores and museums.

The business relies on a multitude of skills from its artists who transform your ideas into three-dimensional sculpted creations that come to life with the help of this shop. When you have an idea that makes you wonder if it’s possible to bring into to reality…. think of Sensational Creatures & Creations, as they will bring your wildest dream idea to life.